Add a report [GRESB, CDP, GRI... and more!]

Let's get started! Click "Reports" and pick a report by clicking "+ Add Report". 


Each report contains qualitative and quantitative aspects. Measurabl simplifies reporting by auto-calculating all quantitive questions and "turbo-taxing" the qualitative questions. 



  • Keep your report on track by following the checklist of to-dos.
  • Jump to sections that need attention before you file.


  • Each module contains step-by-step guidance.
  • Open textbox answers have "sample responses" formulated from best practice responses, use them to help guide your response. 
  • Alerts highlight sections that need to be filled in before you submit.


  • Quantitative data is auto-populated from your existing data.
  • Answers to quantitative questions are auto-calculated based on the data collected at the site level. 
  • Qualitative data will either be synced through integrations or manually updated for the report.
  • Ensure all data is inputted before you file.


  • Starting in 2018, users will have access to the in-app Auto-Response Check. This tool, found on the Overview page, will indicate issues and warnings associated with your report before you file. 
  • Jump directly to each section that has an issue or warning so you can correct these problems during the auto-response check.
  • Request an expert review through the Response Check tool. We will get back to you within 48 hours, and your account will be locked as our team of sustainability experts examines your report.

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