3 Steps to Success [Energy Star, Utility Data, Inviting Users...]

Take these three steps to have your Measurabl portfolio up and running in no time. 

1. Sync building data from ENERGY STAR®

Link your Energy Star account with Measurabl to automatically pull in your sites' historical data from ENERGY STAR.

  1. Navigate to the "Sites" page in your Measurabl account (or use the ENERGY STAR card on the "Portfolio Overview" tab). 
  2. Click on "Link with ENERGY STAR."
  3. Enter your ENERGY STAR credentials. Then, click "Authenticate."
  4. Once you've linked accounts, you'll need to connect and share with Measurabl in ENERGY STAR. More on that here


Don't have an ENERGY STAR account? Are you an international user? Click here to learn how to bulk upload sites and data. 

2. Invite users to your portfolio

Adding site managers to site(s) helps delegate data collection. You can also invite internal or external stakeholders to view trends, analytics, and contribute to reports. This page shows how. 


  1. Portfolio Members = have the same views as a Portfolio Manager, can collaborate on reports, add/edit sites, set up Utility Sync data across sites, and invite users. 
  2. Site Managers = have been invited to specific site(s) and can view and edit site profile, Utility Sync setup, utility data, projects & audits, and certifications & ratings for only sites where they've been invited. 

3. Determine how utility data will be maintained

With Measurabl's Utility Sync feature, users automate utility data collection directly from utility providers. This saves countless hours and ensures investment grade data quality. 


  1. Reach out to us to request that Utility Sync be added to your sites
  2. Navigate to the "Utility Sync" tab
  3. Click the site where you'd like to add Utility Sync accounts
  4. Select "Add Utility Provider."
  5. Add utility provider credentials and account information. Click save! 

Want the step-by-step guide? Click here

If you're not entering data via Utility Sync, you can learn more about our manual data entry process here

**Pro tip - Invite your site managers to the site and allow them to complete Utility Sync setup. They generally have the credential information and will be able to complete the setup within minutes.


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