How to set Currency & Unit Preferences

Measurabl supports international currencies and numerous units of measurement, so you can track sustainability from New York to Tokyo. Here's how: 

Setting Currency & Unit Preferences

1. Navigate to the drop-down menu next to your name, in the top right-hand corner.

2. Click on "My Profile."

3. Select your preferred currency.

4. Select your preferred system of measurement (imperial or metric).

5. Select your preferred units of measurement for energy, water, and waste.

6. Click the green check mark to save your preferences and you're set!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will changing my preferred currency retroactively convert the spend to the new currency I've selected?

A: Yes, however, you will receive the following alert if you attempt to enter new readings into the same meters:


A: If you do receive this alert, a new meter must be created and previous readings must be converted manually to the preferred currency. You can do this by exporting the historical meter readings, converting the currency, and sending an email to

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