Quick Start: Portfolio Overview

Measurabl’s Portfolio Overview provides a snapshot of your portfolio that you can customize, analyze, and export all with the click of the mouse. Here’s how:
Customizing Widgets
  • Click on the "Widgets" button in the top right-hand corner to select (or deselect) the widgets you wish to see displayed (or hidden) when you sign in.


Overview Export
  • Click on the “Export Report” button (see above) in the top right-hand corner to export your dashboard as a PDF file. Here's an example of what it looks like:


Widget Index
  • Measurabl Peer Benchmark
    • Read more about the portfolio score here.
  • Active Reports
    • Working on GRESB, CDP, or another report? This widget provides you with the % completion of each active report you're conquering.
  • ENERGY STAR Widget
    • The ENERGY STAR widget shows you how many “Active” buildings have been shared from your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account, as well as the average score weighted by floor area.
  • Timeline
    • Measurabl's Timeline keeps you abreast of important deadlines, industry news, and new Measurabl content.
  • Activity Log
    • Activity Log includes Data Quality Alerts, Utility Sync issues, ENERGY STAR Score variances, and certification import alerts.
  • Floorspace Allocation
    • This donut chart provides a breakout of floorspace by property type across the portfolio.
  • Carbon Emissions
    • These include total portfolio Scope 1 & 2 emissions on a rolling 24 month basis.
  • Usage & Spend: Rolling 24 Months
    • A “rolling” 24 months is a year-over-year comparison of the previous 24 months from today; as the we move from month to month, so to do the charts.

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