How to Utilize Data Quality Alerts

Using data science and machine learning, Measurabl immediately alerts you of intensity outliers and year-over-year variations. Here's how to utilize data quality alerts:


  1. Click on the "Sites" tab.
  2. Click on the "Data Quality Alerts" banner to view all alerts, OR click on the desired site.
  3. Click on the "Data Quality Alerts" tab to view site-specific alerts.
  4. Click on an alert to add, edit, or view notes.

(PRO-TIP: Leaving a note explaining why the anomaly or outlier exists will help to ensure the quality of your data.)

Common Questions: 

How do the data quality alerts work?

Data Quality alerts immediately notify users of intensity outliers and YoY variation in their utility data. Measurabl's algorithms are constantly combing data to ensure these types of inconsistencies are surfaced and addressed.

If there's a reason for the anomaly or outlier, how do I communicate that?

After navigating to your site and clicking on the "Data Quality Alerts" tab, clicking on an alert will allow you to add/edit notes. The more specific, the better.

If I don't know the reason for the anomaly or outlier, then what?

Instances like this are why Data Quality Alerts are so crucial. Our "Trends" and "Usage" tabs provide granular level data that can be filtered by metric, and our Customer Success team is always available to help.

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