How Site Managers Can Share Buildings

Follow these steps to share buildings to your company or to the building's owner in Energy Star Portfolio Manager.


  1. Login to your ENERGY STAR® account.
  2. Click "Contacts" at the top of the page.
  3. Click "Add Contact" and search for your the company with whom you'd like to share it (often this is the building's owner).
  4. Click "Connect" to add the company as a contact.
  5. Wait for the company to accept your request.
  6. Once the share request is approved, select "Share with Others" from the drop down menu next to your site name.
  7. Choose the all properties you want to share.
  8. Select the company to whom you shared the building(s) as the contact.
  9. Check the "Bulk Sharing" option.
  10. Check the "Full Access" option.
  11. Click "Share Property(ies)".
  12. After a few minutes, notifications will appear confirming you have shared your buildings.
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