Updates to GRESB Real Estate Assessment 2018

Measurabl’s 2018 GRESB Portal is open to fill in 2017 updates. If you filed through Measurabl last year, your prior year’s data is already in the portal. You’re ready to report!

As a reminder, there is a fee to report to GRESB this year. If you are a GRESB Member, this fee is included in your annual membership dues.


Changes to GRESB 2018 Real Estate Assessment

  • GRESB is conducting off-site analysis instead of conducting random on-site interviews. Use a GRESB cover page to make sure your information is reviewed accurately.
  • Asset level data will gain you more points.
    • Energy (PI1.1): 1.5pts out of total 12pts
    • GHG (PI2.1): 0.5pts out of total 3.5pts
    • Water (PI3.1): 0.5pts out of total 3.5pts
    • Waste (PI4.1): 0.25pts out of total 3.25pts
  • The following are no longer scored but still need to be addressed: MA1, MA4, RO3.2, SE11.1, NC1, NC14. Scope 3 (emissions from tenants) are now required. I can help you mark associated meters correctly. Keep in mind...
    • Any energy meters marked as "Tenant Paid by Tenant" or "Tenant Paid by Landlord" on the Data Utilities page will be marked as Scope 3 in your Assessment.
    • If you're only capturing common area energy data for a site, the leftover tenant square footage where data is not captured will show in the "Total Portfolio" column.
    • If you are tracking tenant data but it is combined with common area data, those meters should be marked as "Whole Site". Electricity and district data will be marked as Scope 2 and gas data as Scope 1.
  • Assessments can only report on certifications in the GRESB Certifications Scheme List; let me know if there are certifications in your portfolio that are not covered and we will reach out to GRESB.
  • Health & Well-being, as well as the new Resilience Module, are optional.

The full list of changes can be found on the GRESB Reference Guide, beginning on page 24.


New Features to help you:

  • Exterior Meters: You can designate meters as “exterior” for areas such as parking lots, outdoor space, and other sites with meters outside of the primary building.
  • Directly vs. Indirectly Managed Sites: You can now mark sites in Measurabl as “direct” or “indirect” so that portfolios can accurately report their properties.
  • Auto-response Check: Run auto-response checks for GRESB reports in addition to our normal response check. This is available in the "Overview" section of your report.

Feel free to reach out or comment below if you have any questions about changes to the GRESB 2018 Real Estate Assessment.

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