How to get utility data into your buildings

You already have a Measurabl account. Now, it's time to get utility data into your system.

There are 3 common ways of syncing utility data with Measurabl's system: Utility Sync (automated data collection from your utility provider), ENERGY STAR Sync (data pushed & pulled from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager), and manual data upload.


Get Data Flowing With Utility Sync

If you're tired of manually collecting utility data, and you want to avoid the fat-finger errors that often accompany this data aggregation process, Utility Sync is a great solution.

Check out our article on How to Set Up Utility Sync to understand how this tool works, what you need to get started, and assess the FAQ portion to make sure Utility Sync is right for you.

For step-by-step assistance in setting up Utility Sync, check out Utility Sync: The Complete Guide. This article will walk you through each step of getting data flowing to your Measurabl account through Utility Sync.

Once your data is flowing, you can Review Utility Sync Data to make sure everything is accurate. If your account is experiencing issues, you can read through our troubleshooting article here to resolve them. 


Sync Your Measurabl Account With ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Measurabl has integrated with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to automatically push and pull your building data. Our in-app data quality checks will identify any issues with your ENERGY STAR data, correct them in Measurabl, then push the corrected data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. To take advantage of these tools, let's get started.

If you're new to Measurabl and want to set up a few test buildings in our system, Getting Started with ENERGY STAR is a great introduction to setting up your data in Measurabl through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

If you already have a Portfolio Manager account, you can link your ENERGY STAR account to Measurabl and share buildings from your Portfolio Manager account to Measurabl.

For more structured guidance, our article ENERGY STAR: The Complete Guide will walk you through each step to link your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account with your Measurabl account. 


Manually Upload Utility Data

Sometimes online data flows don't work for certain organizations. No worries! Here's how you can get your utility data into our system.

For individual meters, you can add individual meters and meter readings. To accelerate this process, you can also bulk upload sites and associated meter data. 

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