GRESB & CDP In-App Response Check

Get an instant Response Check on your GRESB or CDP survey in Measurabl. By following the steps outlined below, your survey will produce a report that identifies incomplete questions, data quality anomalies, and survey alerts that need to be resolved before submission. 

To use this Response Check feature, navigate to the Reports tab on the left-hand side of your account, and follow these steps:

1. Select the Report that you would like to perform a Response Check on (i.e.: GRESB 2018)

2. A blue box titled "Response Check" will appear on the right-hand side of the report’s Overview window. Click the Check My Report button in the blue box. You must fill out at least one question to click this button.

3. The Response Check window will open, summarizing:

    • The current completion rate
    • How many open alerts there are
    • If any website links reported are invalid.


4. Each section will have circles representing the questions and their status:

    • Yellow = alert
    • Red = broken link
    • Green = complete
    • White = unanswered

5. Click on a circle to be redirected to that question in the survey, and correctly complete it.


6. The Response Check tab will be accessible on the right-hand side as you fill in questions. You can open the tab as you fill out questions and it will update with your current progress.

7. Scroll down in the Response Check tab to view "Real Estate" data alerts:

    • Sites with Issues, such as sites with a Gross Floor Area under 100 ft2 or sites without bought dates, occupancy, or a Gross Asset Value.
    • Sites with Warnings, such as sites with data quality alerts or sites without projects, audits, certifications, or ratings.


8. Click on the red or yellow field to be redirected to the site’s profile where you can edit the data. Once the Issue or Warning is resolved, the site will disappear from the list.


9. If you would like an Expert to review your response too, click the "Request an Expert Review" button.


10. Then click the "Send Request" button. A Customer Success Representative will reach out within 48 hours to book your Expert Review Call.


FAQ - Response Check Feature:

Q: Can I ask for a personal review of my report, too?

A: Yes! Simply click the "Request an Expert Review" button and then "Send Request". Please note, the feature is only available for those who have purchased the "Concierge Service" add-on. Please contact us at for more details.

Q: It’s not letting me click the ‘Check My Report’ button; what do I do?

A: Make sure you have at least 1 question of the survey completed before clicking the button. If you have any other issues with this, please contact

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