Get Building Info Into Your Account

To have a full grasp of your ESG performance, you need access to data – and a lot of it. We're making it easy for you to keep all your data in one place while utilizing in-app tools to make the most of your actions and analyses. Here are a few ways for you to get data into your account to draw the full value from Measurabl's platform.

Utility Data Uploads and Sync

To get your utility data into Measurabl, check out our article that outlines all the ways you can get that quantitative data synced up with Measurabl.

If you're using our Utility Sync feature to automate your utility data collection, check out our guide to get your account up and running. You can verify the accuracy of your data following these steps

Building Details into Your System

If you're new to Measurabl, check out our 3 Steps To Success to get basic information into your account so you can start getting familiar with your new tool.

Have a lot of information to add to your account? Check out our Site Details Guide that walks you through a number of common datasets that users add to their Measurabl account, including:

The guide and links above should get you started on your road to complete ESG data aggregation.


If you need to update buildings in your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account so they're accurately reflected in your Measurabl dashboard, you can follow these steps to get your account up-to-date.

Need more help with getting data into our system? Our Customer Success team can help you out at

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