How can I view carbon emissions?

Tracking and reducing carbon emissions across your portfolio is vital to improving sustainability performance and scoring highly on third-party initiatives such as GRESB, CDP, and LEED. For general information on carbon emissions, please see this article.

Measurabl makes carbon emissions (total, scope 1, scope 2, and tenant scope 3) available from a handful of sources. Here’s a quick list, and this article provides visual guidance on pulling emissions metrics with each report.

  • Portfolio-level total emissions by calendar month in visual graph
  • Total annual emissions by site shown in Portfolio Trends Site Export report
  • Annual Scope 1, Scope 2, and Tenant Scope 3 emissions by site shown in Data Quality Report (see this article for steps on downloading that report)

How to view carbon Emissions:

  1. Click on the “Portfolio Trends” tab.
  2. Click on the “Metrics” drop-down at the top-left and hover over “Carbon”
  3. Select the scope of carbon Emissions you want to view. The graph and table below will re-generate to display the Emissions type selected.
  4. Click the “Period” drop-down to choose the two 12-month periods that you’d like to compare
  5. Click "Filter Sites" to filter included sites by property type, location, year built, and size.


  6. In the resulting table, you can see exact monthly emissions figures for the portfolio by         hovering over individual calendar months

7. Scroll down to the Site Breakout table to see emissions by site. There you can:

a. Filter the sites further
b. Sort the sites (example: sort from highest to lowest emissions per sq. ft.)
c. Search for individual sites by name

7. Use the Site Breakout table to create your own custom reports

           a. Add/remove metrics by clicking the "Columns" icon and checking those you wish to include
           b. After selecting metrics, export your report in csv format

If you have any inquiries regarding carbon Emissions or your Data Quality Reports, please reach out to us!

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