What upcoming enhancements are being made to the app?

Tenant spaces and submeters

We’re adding the ability for you to create tenant spaces within your sites and assign individual submeters to specific tenant spaces.

We’re also adding a feature to allow you to create submeters and assign them to other meters at the site. For example: you will be able to enter “lighting” and “plug load” submeters that capture consumption that is also recorded by the site’s master meter. Once you create those submeters, you can assign both to the building’s master electric meter.


We’re adding the ability for users to set up subgroups of sites within a larger group (for example: to denote funds within an overarching portfolio).

New color palette

We’re making a change to the color palette of the app. This won’t affect the features or the navigation of the app, however it will be a noticeable difference across all pages throughout the app.


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