How can I upload Utility Data in Bulk?

The preferred approach for getting utility data into your sites is to link them to ENERGY STAR and to enter your utility accounts into UtilitySync. This approach ensures automated data collection and data entry for your sites.

If that’s not an option, and if you’ve already spoken with our support team about manual entry, you can follow the steps below to manually upload utility data to your sites in bulk.

Our bulk site spreadsheet allows you to upload multiple bills’ worth of data for energy, water, and waste to multiple sites within one file.

To Bulk Upload Utility Meter Data:

1. Navigate to the “Sites” page

2. Click the green “Add Bulk Sites” button.


3. Select “Download and fill out our bulk site spreadsheet”.

4. Open the template, and read the “Instructions” tab. Following the guidance will ensure that your upload goes through properly the first time.

5. Fill out the “Submission Form - Buildings” tab for each site to which you’ll be adding meter data. This data needs to exactly match the data already in Measurabl for those sites or the upload will not go through properly.

Pro tip:
The easiest way to make sure you’re using the correct values for this tab is to download the Data Quality Report and copy the values from the “Portfolio” tab of that report into the matching columns in the bulk site spreadsheet.

6. Fill out the “Submission Form - Meters” tab with basic information and bills for each meter and site. When adding bill data to existing sites and meters, the “Property Name,” “Meter Name,” and “Meter Type” fields must exactly match the data already in Measurabl or the upload will not go through properly.

Pro tip: You can grab the correct values for those columns from the “Meters” tab of the Data Quality Report.

7. Save completed Bulk Upload sheet.

8. Go back to the Sites tab, click the “Add Bulk Sites” button, and click “Upload your completed bulk site spreadsheet.”

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