What do I do with this Utility Sync issues email?

If you received an email with the subject line, “Uh Oh! Your Utility Account has Issues”, then this guide will help you navigate troubleshooting and fixing your utility account(s) so that your data flows seamlessly into Measurabl.

To fix your Utility Sync Issues, you can follow the steps in this article, or simply walk through the steps in the email from us:

  1. Login to Measurabl.
  2. Click “Utility Sync”.
  3. Filter the “Status” column to “Has Issues” to see all of the buildings with issues.
  4. Click on a site and review to fix the issues.
  5. Save changes.

Once you’ve completed this process, your data should be good to go, and the alerts will disappear within a day! If you need help resolving, please feel free to walk through our “Fixing Utility Sync Issues” guide, or reach out to us.

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