I synced with ENERGY STAR, why do I have no utility providers/accounts?

Syncing data with ENERGY STAR allows Measurabl to import all historical data for your sites and meters that has been entered up until now in ENERGY STAR.

That process does not connect Measurabl with your utility providers and utility accounts. This is why, even after syncing with ENERGY STAR, you’ll see messages in the tool saying that you haven’t added utility providers or utility accounts. Syncing with ENERGY STAR also does not ensure that future utility bills are automatically pushed to Measurabl.

To add utility accounts, you’ll follow this process to provide Measurabl with your utility account information across fuel types for your building. Once you’ve done so, your utility providers and accounts will show up in the Utility Sync - Real Estate tab. Measurabl will then automatically import updated bill data, and you’ll be able to check the status of those connections on the Utility Sync tab to ensure that they stay active.

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