Why don't I see recent data for a Utility Sync account?

Measurabl pulls updated bill data from your utility as soon as it becomes available. Utilities have varying timelines on when they post bill data online. If you’re not seeing a recent bill in Measurabl for an account that has been set up in Utility Sync, it may be because the utility hasn’t made the data available in your online account.

It’s also possible that the credentials for that online utility account have changed but have not been updated in Measurabl. You’ll need to ensure that any changes made to login credentials (username/email and password) for an online utility account are also made within Utility Sync so that Measurabl can continue to pull bill data from your utility.

If the issue does not appear to be a lag from the utility or an issue with the utility online account credentials you've entered in Measurabl, see this article for a walkthrough of how to quickly solve Utility Sync issues. 

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