What should I ask my Site Managers to do?

Commercial Real Estate portfolio management and reporting can be tricky - especially if your portfolio is composed of multiple sites in different geographic locations with multiple site managers spread across all of your assets.

These are key questions to ask of your Site Managers to guarantee that your portfolio’s data is delivered and maintained in Measurabl for internal use and third-party reporting.

Manual Sites (with No ESTAR Set-Up)

  • Have you uploaded your site’s utility data across utility types (historical and current data)?
  • Do you have a process in place to get new bill data into Measurabl regularly?
  • Do you have Measurabl’s Bulk Upload Template to upload utility data in bulk?

Manual Sites (with ESTAR Set-Up)

  • Have you linked your Measurabl site with ENERGY STAR for site sharing?
  • Are your site and all of its meters in ENERGY STAR shared at “Exchange Data Full Access” with Measurabl? (You may need to log into ESTAR and complete the shares if this has not been done)
  • Do you know how to upload utility data in ENERGY STAR so that it syncs into Measurabl (for meters that can’t be updated via Utility Sync)?

Utility Sync Sites

  • Did you successfully activate Utility Sync accounts with your Utility Providers?
  • Do you see all of the historical data that you expected in your Utility Sync accounts?
  • Do you know how to properly identify and resolve Utility Sync Issues?

All Sites

  • Have you input all of your sites’ details (in the Site Profile pop-up, accessible from the "Site Overview" tab) such as Property Type(s), Floorspace Allocation (spaces), Gross Leasable Area, and Tenancy?
  • Did you add the appropriate Lifecycle Events to your site in the site’s Site Profile page?
  • Have you added any Certifications & Ratings to your property?
  • Did you add the appropriate Projects & Audits for your site?
  • Are there any gaps or discrepancies with your site’s data?

Activity Log

Your Site Managers can also keep track of their site-level data by viewing their Activity Log. These provide alerts such as Utility Sync issues and also non-utility data alerts such as imported certifications and projects. Data Quality Alerts also appear in the Activity Log, which is an essential piece for constant data quality assurance! 

If you need more help ensuring your portfolio’s sites have clean and accurate data in Measurabl, please reach out to us!


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