How do I create a login for my Measurabl account?

Just received an invite to join Measurabl? This is because you have been selected by a Group Manager of a Commercial Real Estate Portfolio to manage a site in our application! The invitation email indicates who is inviting you to join.



Once you click “Accept Invitation”, you will be prompted to create a password to complete the setup of your account. You’ll then login using the original email address that received the invite and the password that you created.

You can follow these steps to accept your Measurabl invitation, set up your account, and start managing your sites.

After you activate your account, refer to our reference guide, Getting Started: Property Managers to begin adding your building’s details and utility data information!

If you are having trouble accessing your account and you need to reset your password, please select this link!

Feel free to
reach out to us if you have any questions about activating your account and using Measurabl.

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