The Ultimate Guide for Group Managers

Just received your invitation to set up your group’s portfolio? This guide will walk you through all the essential steps that you need to get your portfolio up and running, including inviting users, editing user permissions, energy data syncing, adding and removing sites, and creating subgroups. 

Inviting Users to your Group

Your first step is to invite the users who will be managing your data. You’re the group manager, with ownership rights over the group of sites. You can invite two other types of users to help you manage your sites:  

  1. Group Members = have the same views as a Group Manager, can collaborate on reports (GRESB, CDP), add/edit all sites, access utility sync data, and invite users.
  2. Site Managers = Can view and edit a specific site including site profile, utility data, projects & audits, and certifications & ratings

Navigate to this article to learn how to invite appropriate users to help you manage your portfolio.

Adding and Sites
If your group’s portfolio acquires new sites, or stops managing sites, you’ll need to add and remove the sites from Measurabl. There are two ways that you may add sites to your group. Option 1 you will use if you have your sites synced with Energy Star; Option 2 will be used if you are adding manual sites.

Option 1:

How to Add Sites to your Group (sites in ENERGY STAR):
1. If you have not already, add the site in ENERGY STAR following these steps
2. Share that site and its meters with Measurabl following these steps

Linking with ENERGY STAR

If the sites you’ll be managing in Measurabl are already entered in ENERGY STAR, you’ll want to link your account with ENERGY STAR to pull your sites’ historical data from ENERGY STAR into Measurabl

If you don’t have an ENERGY STAR account set up yet, first follow the steps in this guide to create an account.

If you already have an ENERGY STAR account for your group’s portfolio, simply follow these steps to link your account and your sites with ENERGY STAR.

Option 2:

How to Add Sites to your Group (for manual sites not in ENERGY STAR):
1. Navigate to the “Sites” page in your account.
2. Click on the green “+” button, “Add Site”.
2a. To add manual sites in bulk, follow these steps
3. Fill in the Site Details for that site, and click “Save”.

Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions involving your Portfolio set up or adding sites!

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