When can I start preparing my reports (GRESB/ CDP) for 2019?

It’s never too early to start prepping for reporting to GRESB or CDP! Each report survey asks a large series of questions surrounding your portfolio’s ESG data, and for funds with multiple sites of different types and geographical locations, the factors of reporting can become very extensive - It’s important to stay on top of it by managing your portfolio’s utility and non-utility data to ensure it’s report-ready!

The beginning of the near year (January 2019) is a good time start thinking about the steps involved in GRESB and CDP reporting, especially steps surrounding your portfolio’s utility data that’s being collected all year-round.

Reporting Time-Tracking Suggestions:

  • Stage 1
      • Ensure all current Site Managers have access to Measurabl, and that all sites have complete, up-to-date utility data
      • Identify Sites that need adjustments to utility data (historical or present data).
      • Verify that sites have all non-utility details in their profile (projects, audits, certifications, lifecycle events, property types, floorspace area, GAV). 
  • Stage 2
      • Prepare for your Data Check with your Customer Success Manager and reach out to the Support Team if you have any questions about your data!
      • Complete your Data Check with your Customer Success Manager.
        • Note: Data Check = Comprehensive review of your Portfolio’s data anomalies, outliers and data completeness! 
  • Stage 3 
    • Consult with your Customer Success Manager to begin your GRESB or CDP survey response!
    • Utilize our In-App Response Check feature to check your report’s status.
    • Confirm that your GRESB or CDP Response is completed to be handed over to our team for Submission!

Our Customer Success Team is prepared to help you complete your GRESB and CDP reports efficiently with the use of the Measurabl platform as a tool! Reach out to your CSM, or support@measurabl.com if you have any questions!

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