What are online and offline Utility Sync accounts?

When connecting your utility accounts with Measurabl, we’ll help you determine whether your utility provides data online or only provides data in an offline format.

Online Utility Sync

Online Utility Sync is the most common way for Measurabl to pull in your utility data. Online Utility Sync pushes new utility bill data to Measurabl as soon as it is available, without any effort on your part after initial setup (other than keeping your online credentials up-to-date within Measurabl).

For a Utility Sync account to be online, you must have access to login into your utility provider’s online portal. You’ll need to provide us with the following during account activation for your data to begin flowing:

  1. Utility Provider URL Portal
  2. Provider Portal Login Credentials (Username/Password)
  3. Account Numbers you want to automate into Utility Sync
  4. Repeat this process for all Utility Providers you want to activate for your site!

Offline Utility Sync

Offline UtilitySync should only be used for the few utilities for which you’re not able to access an online Provider Portal. Offline UtilitySync is only partially automated and will require you to drag and drop PDF copies of your utility bills to Measurabl.

To activate an Offline Utility Sync account for your site, you will have to provide our team with the following, after we determine that access to an online portal is not an option:

  1. Utility Provider’s Name
  2. Account Number(s) you want activated in Utility Sync
  3. Service Type explicitly printed on the bill (i.e. electricity, water, gas, etc.)

Once our team has activated your Utility Sync account, then you will have to periodically (each month, quarter) provide our team with copies of your utility bills in PDF format. Those bills must include the following:

  • Account Number
  • Start/End Dates of meter readings
  • Usage
  • Only ONE utility bill per PDF file
  • Scan quality of at least 300 dpi

Both methods of Utility Sync processing enable automated data delivery into Measurabl for Electric, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer, and District Heating and Cooling, making ESG data management easy for you as a Site Manager!

If you have any questions regarding Utility Sync, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team here!

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