How does Utility Sync collect my data?

Measurabl can automatically collect your sites’ utility data to deliver key performance metrics and submit key data to relevant third parties including ENERGY STAR, GRESB, and CDP. Our tool’s automation cuts the time spent on sustainability reporting by an average of 80 percent. Here’s how it works.

After initial setup (described in detail here), Measurabl will sync the data across your utilities, ENERGY STAR, and Measurabl whenever new utility bill data is released.

That means that Measurabl will push any new or updated bill data from your utilities to the meters with names beginning “MSR” on your sites in ENERGY STAR, then push that data into Measurabl (image below). This process ensures that what you see in Measurabl matches the up-to-date data from the utilities and the data in ENERGY STAR.

Note that once you set up Utility Sync, the only meters in ENERGY STAR that Measurabl updates and pulls into the app are those with the prefix “MSR” in their name. Those meters should not be modified except by Measurabl to avoid data quality issues.



If you have any questions about the utility data flow for your sites, please review the articles we have here. If you can’t find what you need there, feel free to reach out to our team.

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