What are the minimum steps needed for GRESB reporting?

If you’re using Measurabl as a tool to manage your GRESB report, it’s important to get all of your portfolio’s essential information into our software in order to be successful! Of course, there are many strategies to prepare your GRESB report so that you achieve a high score.

However, here are steps to provide you with the baseline actions you should complete if you are seeking Report Management as a service from Measurabl:


  1. Provide our team with your GRESB portal login credentials.
  2. Tell us if you’re a first-time GRESB reporter, or if you’re a veteran!
  3. Verify that your portfolio’s data is in top shape all the way down to the site-level.
    1. Ensure sites are tracking Energy, Water and Waste data for the GRESB Reporting period (24 months or longer).
    2. Site non-utility data is entered (Property Types, Floorspace Area, Projects, Audits, Certifications, and Lifecycle Events).
    3. Resolve your Utility Sync Issues to ensure complete data completeness.

To help your Site Managers get their data in reporting-shape for your portfolio, please direct them to this guide, which explains the various ways that they can get their utility data into their buildings.

For more information on in-depth GRESB Response questions, please visit our other GRESB guides, Reporting 101 and Report like a Rockstar! Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns!


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