How do I share sites from multiple ENERGY STAR accounts?

As shown in this article, a key first step for new users is to share their sites with Measurabl in ENERGY STAR. Sharing allows Measurabl to pull all historical site and meter data into the app for performance assessment and third-party reporting. It's also a prerequisite to automating your data through Utility Sync.

But how do you share all of your sites with Measurabl if those sites are spread across multiple ENERGY STAR accounts?

The first step is to create a new, centralized ENERGY STAR account to house all of the sites you’ll need to share with Measurabl.

Once that new account is set up, you’ll need to connect with and share any sites in your own account with this central account. 

Outreach to internal ENERGY STAR Account Holders

You'll need to reach out to the team members who manage the other ENERGY STAR accounts within your organization to ask them to share their sites with your centralized account so that you can share them with Measurabl.

We’ve provided some template email text (below) that you can use for your outreach together with the videos below showing the exact steps those account holders will need to follow.

It may take a few messages, phone calls, and gentle reminders to get your internal team members to share their sites with your centralized account in ENERGY STAR. That’s normal, and you’ll need to keep reaching out until the shares are completed. As you get access to new sites, share them with Measurabl in ENERGY STAR as shown in this article.

Reactivating Defunct Accounts

You may find that some of these accounts are inaccessible because the original account holder changed roles without sharing their login credentials. In that case, reach out to ENERGY STAR to reset the password of those accounts so you can gain access, update the account holder information, and share the sites with the centralized account you created.


We’ve signed a contract with Measurabl, who will automate our utility data collection and provide us with key insights on our sustainability performance.

To automate the utility data flow and eliminate manual entry, we need all of our ENERGY STAR buildings shared with one central account so that we can share our full portfolio with Measurabl.

We’ve set up a central account for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. We’ve noticed that you are the account holder for the ENERGY STAR account with username [RECIPIENT’S USERNAME].

We ask that you take five minutes to follow the process shown below to connect and share your account’s building records with the [YOUR CENTRAL ACCOUNT USERNAME] account in ENERGY STAR so that we can share them with Measurabl. Thanks very much.

Connecting with an Account in ENERGY STAR

Sharing sites with an Account in ENERGY STAR

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