How can I specify if there’s a leak on my building?

Do you see a spike in water consumption for your site due to a leak or a water running issue?

There is a way that you can note this for your team in Measurabl so that your property is accurately documented, especially for these occasional instances that may cause data quality alerts to appear in your account.

In order to note one of these types of special occurrences, a data quality alert must first appear in your site’s profile. Follow these steps to add a note to the data quality alert:

  1. Navigate to your site.
  2. Click on the “Data Quality Alerts” tab.
  3. Select the alert description that you believe is causing the Data Quality Alert (you must do this .
  4. A pop-out window will appear that prompts you to add a note to the alert (here you would write: “The spike in water use was due to a water leak in a meter”.
  5. Click the green “Save” button.
  6. You will get a verification message stating: “Data quality alert notes were updated”.


It could be very helpful for you to keep track of these situations for the sites that you manage in Measurabl, especially when preparing for reporting to GRESB or CDP. Our team wants to help you ensure that you have the most accurate documentation as possible for your site’s utility usage.

If you have any questions regarding data quality alerts or other factors involving the consistency of your property’s data, please reach out to us!

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