Does Utility Sync support Conservice accounts?

Do you use the Conservice portal to compile all of your utility accounts’ bills into one place? You can utilize Conservice to automatically pull your utility data into Measurabl through our Utility Sync feature!

Here’s How to Activate Conservice in Utility Sync:

  1. Navigate to your Utility Sync page.
  2. Select your site.
  3. Click “Add Utility Provider” on the top-right of the page.
  4. Enter your Utility Provider (not Conservice) as the Provider (i.e. SDG&E, Direct Energy, etc.)
  5. Enter the Conservice login URL as the URL Web Address (
  6. Enter your Conservice login credentials (Username/Password).
  7. Enter the utility account #’s you want to pull over from that provider that are living in Conservice.
  8. Ensure the “Online” toggle is set to “Yes”.
  9. Click the green ‘Save’ button.


Note that in order for the data to sync properly into Measurabl, you must identify which Utility Provider your utility data is originally coming from, even though it is coming directly from Conservice. This is because Conservice is your utility bill manager, not your utility provider.

If you have any questions regarding Utility Sync activation with Conservice, or any other aggregator sites, please feel free to reach out to us!

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