Can I see more than two years of data in "Portfolio Trends"?

Need to see various portfolio trends over time? There are many different ways you can visualize your portfolio’s performance in Measurabl!

When you navigate to the “Portfolio Trends” tab, you will see two drop-down fields at the top of the page indicating the Metric (Energy, Water, Carbon, Waste) and Time Periods that you can select to organize your data.

After you select from the metric type, click on the “Period” drop-down to choose from the provided time frames, or select “Custom”.


Note that while the provided time periods are two years or one calendar quarter (3-months) in length, you may create your custom time periods to be longer (or shorter) than the options listed.

When you choose to create a custom reporting period, you will be prompted to fill out a form indicating your desired start and end dates for your custom time period.

Measurabl’s flexible reporting abilities allow you to adjust and pull reports to fit your needs. For more details about utilizing trends in Measurabl, please refer to this guide.

If you have any questions regarding portfolio trends, please feel free to reach out to us!

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