Can I track expected savings for projects?

When you submit a project in Measurabl, you can input details including how it may help improve your site's utility usage and spend over time.

It could be very beneficial for your team to calculate your Expected Annual Cost Savings for projects associated with your portfolio for reporting to GRESB, or for your own accounting purposes.

Note: Measurabl does NOT calculate Expected Annual Savings for your projects, you must calculate them, then input them into the associated fields.

How To Add Expected Savings to a Project:

  1. Navigate to your site.
  2. Click on the “Projects & Audits” tab.
  3. Select the project, or click “Add Project”.
  4. Under the “Impacts” section, select your metric.


5. Add your Expected Annual Savings for that metric (i.e. MWh savings per year for implementing the project).

6. Then input your estimated cost savings (i.e. $ USD).

You may add multiple metrics as factors for cost savings in relation to the property’s project - Just click the green ‘+’ button to add more rows!

If you have any questions regarding expected annual cost savings or adding project details, please reach out to us!

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