How can I see which sites have projects?

Want to visualize your entire portfolio’s projects and ongoing sustainability efforts? Use Measurabl to view all of your group’s projects at once within the app!

After you login to Measurabl, navigate to the “Sites” tab, then click the “Projects” banner (hammer symbol) at the top of the page.


Once you click the "Projects" banner, all of the sites in your portfolio that have submitted projects into the app will populate in the table below.

Utilize the "Columns" icon on the right-hand side to select the columns you want to view on project characteristics. This enables you to filter your portfolio’s projects by Site, Project Name, Category, Sub-category, GRESB Category, CDP Category, Scope, Completion Date, and more!


You can navigate to a specific site’s project page by clicking on one of the sites listed in the table. You’ll automatically be directed to the site’s project page, where you can click to view each project in detail.

To add any projects and audits, please refer to this guide!

You may also click the green export icon (down arrow) on the right to export the list of projects into a CSV sheet, along with the projects’ properties. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

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