How do I know if my account is ‘active’?

Want to ensure that your Measurabl account is active and working properly? There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that both your Measurabl account and your site(s) are active in the app.


    1. Have you accepted your invitation to join?
    2. Did you try logging into Measurabl to ensure that your username (email address) and password are up to date?
      1. Click here to reset your password.     


          3. Have you checked that all of your sites are marked as ‘Active’? 

                   1. Reach out to us if you think one of your ‘Inactive’ sites should be ‘Active’!
                   2. For information regarding whether a site should be ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’, check out                         this article.

          4. If you’re missing a property in your profile that you manage, reach out to us to gain access to the site!

If, after going through this checklist, you are having issues accessing your profile, or your sites, please reach out to us!



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