Can I add a note to a Utility Sync account?

Need to let us know about a specific detail for your Utility Sync account? You can manually add a note to any account, whether it’s a one-off comment or specific instructions on extracting data from your provider.

How to Add a Note to a Utility Sync Account:

  1. Navigate to the “Utility Sync” tab.
  2. Click on the site with an account where you need to add a note.
  3. Select the Utility Provider of that account.
  4. In the “Notes for Measurabl” field, enter your note.
  5. Click the green check button to save the note.


Leaving notes helps keep track of simple utility account details and helps us check off action items that you need completed for your site!

If you need to tell us something about your property that does NOT involve Utility Sync (Manual Meter Data, Energy Star, Projects/Audits, Certifications, etc.), please reach out to us!

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