Can I pull my Yardi data into Measurabl?

What is the Yardi <> Measurabl integration?

Measurabl integrated with Yardi, a real estate administration and energy management software, to allow seamless transfer of lease and building occupancy data.

The integration automatically reconciles buildings between Measurabl and Yardi, then syncs leasable area, occupancy rates, green lease status, and single- and multi-tenancy status between the two systems, harmonizing financial and sustainability data across entire real estate portfolios.

With data sharing now automated, clients have accurate data in both platforms without any manual entryThis is particularly important for reporting sustainability performance through organizations like the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to reduce the hassle of transferring your data from one platform to another.

How to pull Yardi data into Measurabl

If you’re interested in pulling your site (occupancy, gross leasable area and lease) data from Yardi into Measurabl, provide your Yardi building names/IDs then connect/share those sites with Measurabl in ENERGY STAR. Reach out to our Support team to answer any other questions you may have!

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