Why isn't my data syncing?

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is offline during the U.S. government shutdown. Those of you who take advantage of Measurabl’s integration with ENERGY STAR or our Utility Sync data automation feature are unable to sync with ENERGY STAR during this time.

Although all ENERGY STAR users are blocked from directly accessing ENERGY STAR, and Measurabl is blocked from accessing its API, your ENERGY STAR account was backed up in Measurabl as of the day it went offline. Login to Measurabl to view and download much of the information contained in your ENERGY STAR account, including ENERGY STAR scores.

However, you will be unable to change data to sites synced with ENERGY STAR, or add new ENERGY STAR sites. 

Likewise, Utility Sync is unable to push newly procured utility data to your ENERGY STAR account, and that new data will not show up in Measurabl during this time.

Sites not synced to ENERGY STAR are unaffected and work normally.

As soon as ENERGY STAR is back online, your ENERGY STAR accounts will re-sync with Measurabl and all data fetched by Utility Sync in the interim will also sync. No data will be lost and there is no action needed on your end.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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