What does the Help button do?

The Help button gives you access to interactive walkthroughs and in-depth support articles directly from the app. 

The guides have signposts next to them. The articles have link icons. Opening a guide will trigger a series of on-screen prompts that show you exactly how to do a specific task. The prompts will lead you through all the pages in the app that you need to visit to get the job done. 

Each page in the app has a curated list of guides and articles related to that page. From the "Portfolio Overview" tab you'll see all types of content. On the "Sites" tab, for example, you'll see only guides and articles that relate to entering and maintaining site data. You'll see a link to contact support at the top of the Help button's resources on every page in the app (though we encourage you to try out our guides and articles before you do!). 


If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always search for it. Any guides and articles matching your search terms will show up right away. 

While the articles open up in separate browser tabs, we're working on having them open directly within the Help button so you don't need to leave the app. 


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