How does Measurabl help me qualify for green loans?

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD all provide financial incentives on their loans for borrowers who track, improve, and certify the energy performance of their multifamily properties. This article from ENERGY STAR digs into the specific incentives available.

Measurabl provides the help you need to qualify for these green loan incentives and meet their ongoing requirements. Here’s how.

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Fannie Mae (Green Rewards, Green Preservation Plus, Green Building Certification Pricing)

Measurabl provides the ongoing utility data tracking and review that you need to report to Fannie Mae’s Green Measurement and Verification (M&V) Service each year to stay eligible for these incentives.

Fannie Mae’s Green M&V Service will connect directly with Measurabl so that we can provide them the data they need for annual reporting. You can learn more here.

Our partner network provides green building certification services to help you secure the certification pricing benefit. Our partners can also complete the audits you need to prepare the High Performance Building (HPB) report that’s required to qualify for Green Rewards or Green Preservation Plus.

Fannie Mae will pay 100 percent of the cost of the report for loans that close under Green Preservation Plus or Green Rewards.  

Freddie Mac Green Advantage (Green Assessment [Plus], Green Up [Plus])

Borrowers of Green Up and Green Up Plus loans must work with a third-party service provider before the loan begins to track energy and water usage at the affected properties.

Measurabl meets those qualifications, having over three years of experience tracking multifamily energy and water data, exchanging data with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, along with the ability to collect benchmarking data and confirm data quality. You can learn more about Freddie Mac’s requirements for consultants here.

Our partners can conduct the building assessments and prepare the reports you need to qualify for Green Assessment and Green Assessment Plus. Freddie Mac reimburses $3,500 toward the cost of the report for loans closed with Freddie Mac.

HUD (Mortgage Insurance Premium [MIP] rate reduction, utility cost savings underwriting, required benchmarking)

Measurabl provides the ongoing benchmarking services you need each year to stay eligible for the MIP rate reduction.

Our partners can also complete the ENERGY STAR applications you need to qualify for the rate reduction. They can also conduct the ASHRAE level 2 energy audit HUD needs to underwrite a building’s identified utility cost savings.

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