What data quality alerts does Measurabl flag?

Measurabl shows you alerts when there’s unusual usage across your utilities, helping you pinpoint data that may be incorrect. They may catch errors in your utility bills, saving you money. They can also help you catch accurate spikes or dips that are worth a closer look.

You can see the data quality alerts within the “Sites” tab (for your whole portfolio) or on the “Data Quality Alerts” tab within a site (images below). Learn more about using the alerts in this article.

The following will trigger data quality alerts within Measurabl (all alerts are based on annual consumption and are triggered for a specific utility type, i.e. electric, gas, fuel oil, water, not for all utilities combined). These thresholds are the same for all sites regardless of property type and country. 



Data quality alerts across the portfolio on the “Sites” tab.


Data quality alerts on the “Data Quality Alerts” tab within a site:


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