What are “Link Incomplete” and “Removed” sites?

Link Incomplete Sites

Measurabl imports a basic site record for all of the sites in your ENERGY STAR account when you link with ENERGY STAR.

Those imported sites are “Active” for billing and inclusion in GRESB reporting (far-right column).

However, those sites have the status “Link Incomplete” until they are fully shared with Measurabl in ENERGY STAR. “Link Incomplete” sites have no active sync with ENERGY STAR: changes made to these sites in ENERGY STAR aren’t pushed to Measurabl.


Once sites are shared in ENERGY STAR, changes made in ENERGY STAR will automatically push to Measurabl.

Removed Sites

Sites can be removed from Measurabl if they are deleted or transferred to another account in ENERGY STAR.

When either event happens, the site’s status changes to “Removed” in Measurabl.


A “Removed” site retains all of the data that was in ENERGY STAR the last time the site was synced before the deletion/transfer. It also remains active for billing and inclusion in GRESB.

However, when you click a “Removed” site in the “Sites” tab, you’ll be prompted either to delete the site from Measurabl or to retain the site but add a “Sold” date so that the app knows when the site formally left your portfolio. Even after you enter a “Sold” date, the site remains “Active” for billing and GRESB reporting unless you toggle the site to “Inactive.” Note that sites that were in your portfolio for even one day of a GRESB reporting year should remain “Active” and must be included in your GRESB report.


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