Why does my Utility sync data have gaps?

If your online Utility Sync meter has stopped updating altogether, there’s an issue that’s stopping us from pulling the data from your utility. Check out this article for tips on how to figure out what that issue is and how to resolve it.

If the meter is updating as expected, but there’s a random gap, that might be a “true gap”, which means that a bill isn’t available from your utility’s online portal. Check with our Support Team to confirm that. Please provide us with the utility provider name, utility account number, Measurabl site name, and dates of the gap so we can easily find it and help you fix it.

If the gap is actually an issue on our side, we’ll resolve as soon as we can.

For true gaps, you’ll need to reach out to your Accounts Payable or your utility to get a copy of the bill. Once you have the bill, send it to our Support Team in PDF format for upload. You can send multiple bills per support ticket, just make sure that each PDF file you send has just one bill and that you identify the account number and dates of the gap covered by each bill file.

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