How do I merge Utility Sync accounts?

If you’d like to merge two or more Utility Sync accounts, please reach out to us and provide:

-The account numbers you’d like to merge
-The name of the site containing those accounts
-The reason you’d like the accounts merged

Utility Sync uses individual account numbers to pull data directly from your utility and push it to ENERGY STAR and to our app.

To keep that process running smoothly, Utility Sync accounts should be merged only in cases where one account number was deactivated and a new account number was activated that serves the same physical meter and/or the same space within the site. Merging those meters allows you to maintain the historical data and the newer data for the same meter/space within the same account in Measurabl.

Note that merging Utility Sync accounts may take a couple of business days. Our Support Team can provide more specific timelines depending on the size of your request.

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