Setting Currency & Measurement Preferences for GRESB Assessments

Submitting a GRESB assessment survey on an international fund or portfolio?

When starting a GRESB report in your portfolio or subgroup, Measurabl now prompts you to set a base-year, currency, and measurement type prior to starting your assessment survey. You may also do this when beginning your CDP report in order to set your base-year.

Follow the guide below to begin setting your preferences for your GRESB Assessments! 

How to Set Base-Year, Currency & Measurements in GRESB:

  1. Login to Measurabl
  2. Navigate to the "Reports" tab of the reporting group
  3. Under the "Assessments" section, click the "Start" button on the GRESB tile
  4. A form will automatically appear where you can fill out the desired settings of your GRESB report
  5. Click "Save" to save your report's preferences and begin filling out your GRESB assessment survey

The options for your Base Year will be based on that portfolio's data set (i.e. If the portfolio has data for 2012, 2012 should be an option — this functionality is also reflected on the GRESB Intensity Data Summary.)

The Currency and Measurements options to choose from are the same as they appear on a User's personal profile preferences.

Note that the form to select these preferences within each GRESB assessment will only appear when the report's survey is first started. It will not populate once the report is already started and a percentage of progress is completed on the survey.

When you export your Assessment Word Export or your Asset-Level Export, the displayed values will reflect the data in the preferred units of that report.

If you have any questions about your third-party reports' currency and measurement preferences, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team!





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