How to Request an Unknown Utility Provider

Trying to add a new utility provider but don’t see your provider listed? No problem, Measurabl now allows you to request an unknown utility provider!

Once requested in the app, our Data Team will determine if the previously unknown provider can be added to Measurabl as a supported vendor for your utility data automation. Refer to the guide below to learn now!

How to Request an Unknown Utility Provider for a Site:

  1. Navigate to the Utility Sync tab
  2. Search for your site
  3. Click "Add Utility Provider" button (for offline or online)
  4. Type the Utility Provider’s name in
  5. If "Provider not foundmessage appears below the drop-down box, click "+request a provider"


  6. Fill out required information: Provider name, Password, Security Question (if applicable), Account Number(s), Utility Bill(s) and click “Send Request”


Our Support Team will reach out to you within 24 hours to follow-up on your request.

If you have any further questions about adding an unknown provider in Utility Sync, please reach out to us!

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