Using Measurabl's Data Completeness Visibility Tool

Maintaining a real estate portfolio with holistic data completion and accuracy can be a daunting task for portfolio-level managers. We know that getting visibility into sustainability data at the site-level is an essential piece of the puzzle, and can be challenging if you manage a large portfolio!

Measurabl's Data Completeness Visibility tool now enables portfolio-level personnel to capture a comprehensive look at their portfolio's data completeness, data lapses, and aggregate trends across the entire portfolio on the Portfolio Trends tab. This allows managers and sustainability professionals to identify highlighted gaps in data, non-operational periods, and unexpected usage outliers within the portfolio, across all sites at once. Refer to the steps below to access Measurabl's Data Completeness Visibility tool.

How to Use the Data Completeness Visibility Tool:

  1. Login to Measurabl
  2. Navigate to your Portfolio
  3. Click on the "Trends" tab
  4. Select the reporting metric and time period you want to capture data for
  5. Scroll down under Site Breakout
  6. Hover over highlighted fields to populate missing data/data outlier explanations

Filter Options:

  1. Click the Columns button on the right-hand side
  2. Add Columns: "Missing Months of Data" and "Fully Operational for Period"
  3. Use the filters on these columns to identify # of months of missing data per site & whether or not a site was fully operational

* Pro Tip: Export the table into Excel if you need to distribute to your Property Managers! Just select the download button in the top corner of the Site Breakout table.

This data completeness tool empowers portfolio managers to identify the causes of portfolio trends at the site-level, and reach out to the associated property managers as they deem fit to ensure that data lapses and outliers are analyzed and filled accordingly! 

Please reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions about our Data Completeness and Visibility Tool.



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