Why are my imported certifications not appearing in Measurabl?

Our API and geolocation technologies enable Meausrabl to import certifications from LEED, BREEAM, ENERGY STAR, and more! Measurabl simply grasps the certification's details such as the level of certification, years valid, and the property's location.

Not seeing your site's certification in your site within Measurabl? Go ahead and follow the below steps to figure out why your certification may not be pulling into Measurabl.

How to locate missing certifications:

  • Check the site's address that is entered into Measurabl. Is it accurate?
    • Go to the Green Building Council's (GBIG) website and search for your building.
    • Does the address in GBIG's portal match the site's address in Measurabl?
    • If the addresses DO NOT match, go ahead and change the site's address in Measurabl to match what's in GBIG.
    • Once the change is made, it should take approximately 24 hours for the certification to sync into Measurabl using the new geolocation of the site. If you have any issues, contact Support!

  • Check site's 'Certifications & Ratings' tab
    • Are there any other certifications of the same type (LEED, BREEAM, etc.) and level awarded (Silver, Platinum, etc.) for that site?

    • If so, does that existing certification have an expiration date? 


    • If the certification has no expiration date and you cannot import or add a new certification of the same type and level, contact our Support Team so that they can get the expiration date added for you.

  • Check the Green Building Council's website to verify that the certification is in their portal
    • If the certification is in their portal, then follow both processes above in order to determine the best steps in getting your certification synced.
    • If the certification is NOT in GBIG's portal, contact their Support Team to ensure that your awarded certification is documented in their database.

If you still have trouble after completing all of the above processes of checking your missing certification, reach out to Measurabl Support so that we can troubleshoot for you!


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