How do I assign my certifications and ratings to spaces?

Tracking certifications and ratings is a key component in presenting your building(s) ESG accomplishments in relation to industry standards. It’s important to identify the floorspace area associated with these certifications and ratings and pinpoint exactly which spaces of your building contribute to its overall performance.

Measurabl now allows you to assign your awarded certifications and ratings to spaces within your site! This helps you disclose this information in a more seamless and accurate way for internal and third-party reporting. You may now assign a certification to Whole Site, Common Area, or any specific Space(s) within the site if it was awarded to one specific area.


  1. Navigate to your site
  2. Go to the “Certifications & Ratings” tab
  3. Select the certification you need to assign
  4. If you are adding a brand new certification, refer to this guide

  5. Under “Space”, select the space(s) you want to assign that certification or rating to and click “Save”



Can I assign my imported certifications to spaces? How?

Yes, you can assign your imported certifications and ratings to your spaces. Follow the same process by selecting that imported certification on the “Certifications & Ratings” tab of your site and select the space(s) where you’d like to assign it.

What happens if my certification or rating is not assigned to an area?

All certifications that are not assigned to a Space or whole site are indicated on the Certification & Ratings tab. There is a “Space” column on the table of certifications which highlights any certifications that have not been assigned to a specific space or Whole Site. The ft² column also captures the floor area that is associated with that certification, depending on its assignment. This way, it’s easy to track which certifications and ratings have and have not been assigned.

Portfolio Managers and Members can also pull this information at the portfolio-level for their entire group of buildings. Just go to Sites > select from either the Certifications or the Ratings tile at the top > Table will appear of Certifications or Ratings > “Spaces” column. You can also export this information in a CSV file.

Can I assign a certification or rating to multiple spaces?

Yes! You can assign your certification to multiple spaces or one space.

What if my certifications and ratings were assigned to “Specific Areas” prior to this change?

Any certifications/ratings that were previously assigned to “Specific Areas” were migrated to “Whole Site”. This means that if you do not want the certifications to be assigned to Whole Site, you will have to go to the certification and reassign it to a specific space.

How does assigning certifications to spaces affect my GRESB calculations?

GRESB will grab the floor area of the spaces that the certification/rating is assigned to automatically. If the certification is assigned to multiple spaces, GRESB will add up the total floor area of the selected spaces together.

What if I have a site that has the same certification type at the same time, but for two separate spaces?

Measurabl now allows you to add multiple certifications of the same type to the same site for the same period, as long as they’re assigned to different spaces. For instance, you can have two LEED Interior Design and Construction silver certifications at the same time, one assigned to ‘Whole Site’, and one assigned to ‘Office’.

If you have any questions about assigning certifications and ratings to the spaces at your site, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team!

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