How to Add Projects & Audits

Don't let your hard work go unnoticed. Measurabl allows you to keep track of all your site's improvements in one place. Adding projects and audits is simple.

Click here for a walkthrough in the app on adding projects!
Click here for a walkthrough in the app on adding audits!


  1. On the Sites tab, navigate to the site where you wish to add a project and/or audit.
  2. Click on the "Projects & Audits" tab.
  3. Click on "+ Add Project" or "+ Add Audit" (scroll down to see the "Add Audit" icon.
  4. Enter as much information as you see fit. The more you add, the better you can assess how the project/audit is improving your site. 
    • Projects required fields: Project Name, Type (and sub-type), Scope.
    • Audits required fields: Project Name, Type, Scope, Date Assessed, Related Documents.
  5. Click "Save".
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