Entering Leasable Area, Occupancy, and Utility Meters

Telling Measurabl which spaces within your site are available for lease to tenants vs common area not only makes your reporting more accurate, it unlocks the ability to define which part of your site each individual meter serves. 

Click here for an in-app walkthrough on adding occupancy to your site!

It's simple to do, and you'll start within the "Site Profile" window, which you can open by clicking the "Edit" button next to your site's name at the top of the "Site Overview" tab.


Enter your site's leasable spaces:

  1. Within the top table in the "Spaces" tab you can designate the spaces within your site that can be leased to tenants. You can add as many spaces as needed. The total "Gross Leasable Area" will sum the floor area of each of the leasable spaces you've added. 


Set Occupancy Rates:

The more frequently you track changes in occupancy within the "Control" tab the better, so update your site's occupancy rate in Measurabl each time it changes.

Initially, we recommend entering 2 rates - one average occupancy rate for each of the last two years. Having occupancy figures available for the past two years is key for third-party reporting.

From there, we recommend adding a new occupancy rate any time a new tenant moves in or an existing tenant moves out. 


Assigning Meters to Spaces

Tell Measurabl what part of your building a meter serves by assigning meters to spaces

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