How are certifications imported?

Measurabl pulls in your buildings’ certifications automatically, including LEED, BREEAM, ENERGY STAR, and more!

BREEAM and ENERGY STAR Certifications are pulled into Measurabl using API technology with both of the organizations' unique websites.

For LEED Certifications, we have a direct connection with the Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG), a global platform that recognizes building certifications for commercial real estate properties. At Measurabl, we utilize geolocation technology against GBIG’s database to capture certifications based on a property’s physical location.

How does the geolocation work? It captures any certification in the GBIG database within a .0435 mile (about 70 meters) radius of your site’s address, and then automatically attaches it to your site in Measurabl. You can see all the certifications that are pulled in from this integration through the ‘Certifications’ tab on the Sites page.


Once a certification has been pulled in for your site(s), you will have to verify that the certification belongs to this site by accepting the certification. Once accepted, the certification will change from a pending yellow color to white. This certification will now appear in any report going forward. Note that ENERGY STAR certifications can be found on the “Ratings” tab in Measurabl and do not require acceptance unless they overlap with another existing certification for that property.

If your site achieved some other certifications not automatically pulled in from these integrations, you can follow this process to add a certification manually. If a certification is not listed, then you can create a Custom Certification. For users who report to GRESB, please note that all custom certifications will be sent to GRESB on your behalf to be approved. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know what they say.

Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions about your building’s Certifications and Ratings!


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