How do I edit my basic account information?

Measurabl makes it easy for you to customize your profile based on your needs! You can edit your profile, including both personal information such as email and password as well as portfolio information, including unit preferences, currency preferences and adding groups in your account.

To update your personal profile details, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your name on the top-right of the page.
  2. Select “My Profile”.


  3. Click on the green ellipsis (...) button on the top-right of the resulting page then choose “Edit Profile” to edit your First/Last Name, Company, & Email Address, then click “Save”.

  4. Select the ellipsis (...) again if you want to update your Password or Two-factor Authentication preferences.

How to Update your Currency Preferences:

Once on your Profile page, you may edit your currency settings in the “Currency” drop-down. When you’re done, click the green checkmark to save!

How to Update your Unit Settings:

On your Profile page, In the “Measurements” drop-down field, select your preferred system of measurement (imperial or metric). Once you’ve updated it, click the green checkmark to save! Note that when your data is linked with the Utility Sync feature, the units will pull directly from the utility provider accounts and sync into your site’s meter data.


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