Can I create subgroups within my portfolio?

Yes! Within a portfolio, you can set up as many subgroups as you want.

Click here for a walkthrough in the app on adding subgroups to your portfolio!


Why create subgroups?

By creating subgroups, you can segment your portfolio by fund, location, property type, size, asset value, management, or any other characteristic you find useful.

Once you create a subgroup, you’ll be able to access performance metrics and data exports specific to the sites in that subgroup. You can grant individuals “subgroup member” access so that they can see and edit all sites within a subgroup, but not any other sites in your portfolio. You can also report individual subgroups to third-party assessments (like GRESB and CDP).

Can a single site be part of more than one subgroup?

Yes. Note that each site has one record in our app, so any changes you make to a site will be visible within the overall portfolio and within all of the subgroups where the site has been added.

User permissions

The manager of a portfolio is automatically the manager of any subgroups created under that portfolio.

So if Jane Smith is the portfolio manager, and Pete Summers is a portfolio member who creates a subgroup within that portfolio, Jane Smith is the subgroup manager, and Pete Summers is a subgroup member.

When Pete Summers creates the subgroup, he is the only subgroup member, so he’ll need to invite any of the other portfolio members who should have access to the subgroup.

As long as a user is a member of the portfolio AND the subgroup, he or she can manage the subgroup's site assignments, rename, and delete the subgroup. Subgroup members who are not portfolio members can not.

Portfolio vs. Subgroup Functionality

The following functions are available at the portfolio level but not subgroup level:

-Adding site managers

-Accessing Utility Sync

-Linking Energy Star account(s)

-Accessing bulk upload template

If you’d like to perform any of the above actions for any sites within a subgroup, please navigate out of the subgroup and perform at portfolio level.

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