Share Sites in ENERGY STAR®

Sharing buildings in ENERGY STAR® is necessary to sync complete data for your portfolio, including meter data, scores, and certification statuses.

After adding Measurabl as a contact, it's time to share your buildings with Measurabl.

How to Share your sites with Measurabl

  1. Login to your ENERGY STAR® account.
  2. Head to the "Sharing" tab. 
  3. Select "Set Up Web Services/Data Exchange". 
  4. Select "Measurabl Measurabl" as the contact to share with (not a typo)
  5. Choose the properties you want to share. It's best to share "All Properties." 
  6. Select "I want to set permission levels in bulk for all selected properties and meters."
  7. Select "Authorize Exchange".
  8. After a few minutes, a notification will appear confirming Measurabl has accepted your building share.

Common Questions

Not all my properties show up when sharing in ENERGY STAR®, what do I need to do? 

The properties must be shared with your ENERGY STAR account at "Full Access" or "Custom Access" with "Share Forward" privileges. Without these permissions, you will be unable to share the property to Measurabl. 

I have a lot of buildings to share in ENERGY STAR®, will Measurabl help?

This service is included for all Measurabl Reporter and Leader subscribers. If you are just getting started with Measurabl, reach out to our support team.

Have a different question? 

Measurabl is here for you every step of the way! Please reach out to our support team

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