Share Sites in ENERGY STAR®

Sharing buildings in ENERGY STAR® is necessary to sync complete data for your portfolio, including meter data, scores, and certification statuses.

After adding Measurabl as a contact, it's time to share your buildings with Measurabl.


How to Share your sites with Measurabl

  1. Login to your ENERGY STAR® account.
  2. Select the "Sharing" tab. 
  3. Select "Set Up Web Services/Data Exchange". 
  4. Select "Measurabl Measurabl" as the contact to share with (not a typo)
  5. Choose the properties you want to share. It's best to share "All Properties." 
  6. Select "I want to set permission levels in bulk for all selected properties and meters."
  7. Select "Exchange Data Full Access"
  8. Select "Authorize Exchange".
  9. After a few minutes, a notification will appear confirming Measurabl has accepted your building share.

Common Questions

What are all these alerts that are popping up in ENERGY STAR after I share?

You may see some alerts in ENERGY STAR during this process. Alerts may appear advising you that you're overwriting existing permissions if you're sharing properties that have already been shared with us. Those are fine to disregard and won't stop you from sharing.

You may also see alerts saying that you don't have permissions to share certain properties. If that's the case, you need to connect with an account holder who does have that permission and get them to re-share the properties with you, either at "Full Access" or "Custom Access" with "Share Forward" permissions. 

How do I check my permissions and Measurabl's permissions to ENERGY STAR properties? 

If you're checking on permissions for a single property, just head to that property's "Summary" tab in ENERGY STAR and review the "Sharing this Property" table. Find the account whose permissions you're checking, and select "View My Permissions" Or "View Contact's Permissions:



If you need to review permissions across properties, head to the "Sharing" tab and click "Download Sharing Report" in the upper-left. From there, use filtering in the Contact Name/Username/Email fields to review the access levels (Contact Permissions and Can Contact Share Forward columns) for the properties and accounts you'd like to check. You can also see who granted access to each user for each property. 

Note that for Measurabl, the report will only list "Exchange Data" in the "Contact Permissions" column, so if you're having issues you'll need to head to the "Summary" tab for individual properties to make sure Measurabl has full access to the property and its meters. 

I have a lot of buildings to share in ENERGY STAR, will Measurabl help?

This service is included for all Measurabl Reporter and Leader subscribers. If you are just getting started with Measurabl, reach out to our support team.

Have a different question? 

Measurabl is here for you every step of the way! Please reach out to our support team

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